Synonyms to salade

ambrosia, Caesar salad, Jell-O salad, Waldorf salad, ambergris, aromatic, aromatic gum, aromatic water, artificial sweetener, aspic, attar, attar of roses, balm, balm of Gilead, balsam, bay oil, bergamot oil, blackstrap, bonne bouche, calcium cyclamate, cane syrup, cate, champaca oil, chef salad, choice morsel, civet, clover honey, cole slaw, comb honey, combination salad, corn syrup, crab Louis, cyclamates, dainty, delicacy, dessert, edulcoration, essence, essential oil, extract, fixative, fruit salad, goody, green salad, heliotrope, herring salad, honey, honeycomb, honeydew, honeypot, jasmine oil, kickshaw, lavender oil, macaroni salad, manna, maple syrup, molasses, morsel, musk, myrcia oil, myrrh, nectar, parfum, perfume, perfumery, potato salad, rose oil, saccharification, saccharin, salad, salmagundi, savory, scent, slaw, sodium cyclamate, sorghum, sugar, sugar-making, sugaring off, sweetener, sweetening, sweets, syrup, tidbit, titbit, tossed salad, treacle, treat, volatile oil, barbecue, boiled meat, bouilli, cole s