Synonyms to run aground

beach, bank, berm, careen, cast away, coast, coastland, coastline, embankment, foreshore, ground, ironbound coast, lido, littoral, margin, pile up, plage, playa, riverside, riviera, rockbound coast, sands, sea margin, seabank, seabeach, seaboard, seacliff, seacoast, seashore, seaside, shingle, shipwreck, shore, shoreline, strand, submerged coast, take the ground, tidewater, waterfront, waterside, wreck, abandon, blow, break ground, cast, cast aside, cast loose, cast off, cat the anchor, chuck, consume, deep-six, discard, dispose of, dissipate, ditch, drop the mooring, dump, eighty-six, eliminate, fool away, fritter, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, give away, jettison, jilt, loose for sea, part with, reject, remove, slough, squander, throw away, throw out, throw over, throw overboard, toss overboard, trifle away, unmoor, up-anchor, weigh anchor, drown, OD, asphyxiate, baptize, be clobbered, be felled, be killed, be poleaxed, be staggered, be stricken, bottle up, burke, bury, censor, choke, choke off, clamp do