Synonyms to rue the day

bemoan, be sorry for, bewail, complain, deplore, dirge, elegize, give sorrow words, grieve, grieve for, keen, knell, lament, moan, mourn, regret, repine, rue, sigh, sing the blues, sorrow, weep, weep for, weep over, cry, deprecate, disapprove, repent, wail, abject apology, acknowledgment, affliction, anguish, apologies, apology, attrition, ayenbite of inwit, bitterness, breast-beating, care, compunction, confession, contriteness, contrition, demur, disappointment, dole, dolor, excuse, feel sorry for, grief, guilt, heartache, heartbreak, mea culpa, mournfulness, pangs of conscience, penitence, qualm, refusal, regretfulness, regrets, r