Synonyms to rotter

cur, animal, beast, bounder, dog, hound, hyena, insect, lurcher, mongrel, mutt, pariah dog, pig, polecat, reptile, riffraff, scum, serpent, shit, shithead, skunk, snake, stinkard, stinker, swine, toad, varmint, vermin, viper, whelp, worm, cad, Babbitt, Philistine, arriviste, boor, bourgeois, churl, clown, epicier, groundling, guttersnipe, hooligan, ill-bred fellow, looby, lout, low fellow, mucker, nouveau riche, parvenu, peasant, ribald, rough, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, upstart, vulgarian, vulgarist, yokel, heel, SOB, accouter, afterpart, afterpiece, appoint, arch, arm, back, back door, back seat, back side, balance, bastard, bear off, bedog, behind, bend, blackguard, branch off, breech, broke, bugger, cant, careen, change the bearing, chase, clubfoot, come about, come after, come behind, counter, creep, c