Synonyms to rien du tout

insignificancy, a little thing, a nobody, a nothing, cipher, common man, dummy, figurehead, hardly anything, inessential, jackstraw, lightweight, little fellow, little guy, man of straw, marginal matter, matter of indifference, mediocrity, mere nothing, minor matter, naught, nebbish, nihility, no great matter, nobody, nobody one knows, nonentity, nothing, nothing in particular, nothing to signify, nullity, obscurity, paltry affair, peu de chose, pip-squeak, punk, runt, scarcely anything, scrub, shrimp, small fry, small potato, small potatoes, squirt, squit, technicality, thing of naught, whiffet, whippersnapper, zero, zilch, bagatelle, next to nothing, trifle, matter of