Synonyms to rhapsodical

emotional, affecting, affectional, affective, agitable, agitated, ardent, characteristic, constitutional, demonstrative, dispositional, edgy, emote, emotiometabolic, emotiomotor, emotionable, emotionalize, emotionally unstable, emotiovascular, emotive, enthusiastic, eruptive, excitable, excited, explosive, feeling, fervent, fervid, frantic, glandular, gut, heartfelt, heated, high-mettled, high-spirited, high-strung, highly emotional, hotheaded, hysterical, impassioned, inflammable, innate, intellectual, irascible, irrational, irritable, mental, mettlesome, moving, nervous, of soul, overdemonstrative, passionate, perturbable, poignant, prickly, ranting, responsive, rhapsodic, sensitive, sentient, sentimental, skittish, softhearted, soulful, spiritual, startlish, stirring, susceptible, susceptive, sympathetic, temperamental, tender, tense, touching, touchy, visceral, volatile, volcanic, warm, wild, zealous, inflated, accelerated, aggrandized, amplified, augmented, aureate, ballyhooed, beefed-up, big, bloated, blown up, bombastic, boosted, broadened, cocky, conceited, deepened, diffuse, dilated, dis