Synonyms to retardative

objecting, complaining, disputatious, disputing, dissentient, dissenting, expostulative, expostulatory, fractious, noncooperative, obstructive, on the barricades, proof against, protestant, protesting, rebellious, recalcitrant, refractory, reluctant, remonstrant, remonstrative, renitent, repellent, resistant, resisting, resistive, retardant, uncooperative, under protest, unsubmissive, unyielding, up in arms, withstanding, choking, constrictive, contrary, counterproductive, crosswise, hindering, hindersome, in the way, inhibiting, inhibitive, interrupting, interruptive, obstructing, obstruent, occlusive, repressive, restrictive, stifling, strangling, suppressive, troublesome, Jeremianic, beef, beefing, bellyache, bellyachin