Synonyms to retaining

employment, act, acting, action, active use, activism, activities, activity, affair, affairs, appliance, application, appointment, assignment, attendance, bag, behavior, berth, bespeaking, billet, booking, briefing, business, calling, commerce, concern, concernment, consumption, craft, dirty work, disposition, doing, donkeywork, drudgery, employ, engagement, engaging, enlistment, enrollment, enterprise, exercise, exercising, exertion, exploitation, fag, fatigue, function, functioning, gig, good use, grind, handiwork, handling, handwork, hard usage, hard use, hire, hiring, ill use, implementation, incumbency, industry, interest, job, labor, lick, lick of work, line, livelihood, lookout, management, manipulation, manual labor, matter, metier, ministration, ministry, mission, misuse, moil, moonlighting, movements, occupation, office, opening, operation, operations, peonage, place, play, position, post, practice, praxis, preengagement, profession, purpose, pursuit, racket, rat race, recruitment, reservation, retainment, rough usage, scut work, second job, serfdom, service, servitium, servitorship, servitude, sit