Synonyms to resolvable

convertible, all one, all the same, changeable, coequal, commutable, commutative, coordinate, correspondent, corresponding, equal, equalizing, equiparant, equipollent, equivalent, even, exchanged, give-and-take, identical, interchangeable, interchanged, liquid, modifiable, much the same, mutual, negotiable, permutable, reciprocal, reciprocating, reciprocative, retaliatory, returnable, standard, swapped, switched, tantamount, traded, transformable, transitional, transmutable, transposed, decipherable, answerable, ascertainable, capable of solution, decodable, determinable, doable, explainable, explicable, fair, in the clear, legible, open to solution, readable, soluble, solvable, uncoded, unenciphered, workable, Englishable, accountable, alleged, ascribable, assignable, attributable, attributed, charged, construable, credited, definable, derivable from, derivational, derivative, describable, due, imputable, imputed, interpretable, owing, put