Synonyms to resignedly

obediently, acquiescently, agreeably, anally, complaisantly, compliantly, compulsively, conformably, conformingly, conventionally, devotedly, duteously, dutifully, faithfully, flexibly, in compliance with, in conformity with, in obedience to, loyally, malleably, nonresistively, passively, pedantically, pliantly, submissively, supinely, traditionally, uncomplainingly, unresistantly, unresistingly, willingly, with resignation, yieldingly, meekly, abjectly, gently, humbly, like a lamb, mildly, modestly, on all fours, on bended knee, pacifically, peaceably, quietly, tamely, unassumingly, unobtrusively, unostentatiously, unpresumptuously, unpretendingly, unpretentiously, with bated breath, with due deference, without ceremony