Synonyms to reservoir

ace in the hole, advantage, backlog, bulge, cache, coign of vantage, drop, edge, flying start, head start, inside track, jump, nest egg, odds, reserve, reserve fund, reserve supply, reserves, resource, running start, savings, sinking fund, something extra, something in reserve, start, stockpile, unexpended balance, upper hand, vantage, vantage ground, vantage point, whip hand, archives, Indian reservation, ana, armory, arsenal, athenaeum, attic, bank, basement, bay, bin, biographical material, biographical records, bird sanctuary, bonded warehouse, bookcase, box, bunker, buttery, cargo dock, cellar, chancery, chest, clippings, closet, conservatory, crate, crib, cupboard, cuttings, depository, depot, dock, drawer, dump, excerpts, exchequer, extracts, files, forest preserve, fragments, game reserve, gleanings, glory hole, godown, government archives, government papers, historical documents, historical records, hold, hutch, library, life records, locker, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, memorabilia, monument, museum, national forest, national park, papers, paradise, parish rolls, park, pr