Synonyms to repurchase

buy in, buy, buy back, buy into, buy off, buy on credit, buy up, complete a purchase, corner, engross, financier, invest, invest in, lay out money, make a buy, make an investment, monopolize, place, plow back into, plunge, procure, purchase, put, rebuy, regrate, reinvest, risk, sink, sink money in, speculate, venture, approach, bribe, corrupt, fix, get at, get to, grease, grease the palm, have, lubricate, pay off, reach, sop, square, suborn, take care of, tamper with, tickle the palm, abide by, accede, accept, accept for gospel, accept implicitly, acclaim, acquiesce, acquiesce in, acquire, advantageous purchase, agree, agree to, agree with, applaud, assent, bargain, be certain, believe, believe without reservation, buying, buying power, buying up, catalog buying, cheer, coemption, comply, consent, consumer power, consumer sovere