Synonyms to repeat

act like, affect, assume, borrow, chorus, copy, counterfeit, crib, ditto, do, do like, echo, fake, forge, go like, hoke, hoke up, imitate, make like, mirror, plagiarize, reecho, reflect, simulate, act, act a part, act on, act upon, actuate, adopt, affection, affectivity, agitate, alter, answer to, appertain to, apply to, attack, attitude, be dressed in, bear on, bear upon, belong to, bend, betoken, bias, bluff, brandish, breathe, bring, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, call for, carry, change, choose, color, come home to, comprise, concentrate on, concern, connect, contain, correspond to, cover up, dangle, deal with, demonstrate, develop, disclose, display, dispose, dissemble, dissimulate, divulge, do a bit, dramatize, draw, drive, embody, emotion, emotional charge, emotional shade, emotivity, enact, entail, evidence, evince, exhibit, experience, expose to view, express, feeling, feeling tone, feign, flaunt, flourish, focus on, foreboding, four-flush, gammon, get, give