Synonyms to renowned

acclaimed, accepted, admired, admitted, advocated, applauded, approved, backed, celebrated, cried up, distinguished, fabled, famed, famous, far-famed, far-heard, favored, favorite, highly touted, honored, in good odor, legendary, marked, much acclaimed, mythical, notable, noted, notorious, of mark, of note, popular, received, recommended, supported, talked-about, talked-of, well-known, well-thought-of, august, aristocratic, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, baronial, courtly, dignified, dreadful, elevated, eminent, estimable, exalted, fearful, glorious, godlike, grand, grandiose, grave, heroic, high, honorable, imposing, impressive, kingly, lauded, lofty, lordly, magisterial, magnanimous, magnificent, majestic, moving, noble, overwhelming, princely, prominent, queenly, regal, reverend, royal, sedate, soaring, sober, solemn, splendid, stately, statuesque, striking, sublime, superb, time-honored, towering, venerable, worshipful, worthy, conspicuous, esteemed, exceptional, extraordinary, far