Synonyms to reinstruct

reclaim, abet, aid, amend, assist, avail, bail out, bear a hand, befriend, benefit, comfort, do good, doctor, ease, favor, get back, give a boost, give a hand, give a lift, give help, help, lend a hand, lend one aid, new-model, proffer aid, protect, rally, ransom, re-form, recapture, recondition, reconstruct, recoup, recover, recuperate, recycle, redeem, reeducate, refashion, reform, regain, regenerate, rehabilitate, rejuvenate, relieve, remedy, remodel, render assistance, renew, renovate, reoccupy, repatriate, replevin, replevy, repossess, rescue, reshape, restitute, restore, restore self-respect, resume, resuscitate, retake, retrieve, revindicate, revive, salvage, save, set straight, set up, succor, take back, take in tow, win back, cobble, commission, condition, darn, do up, face-lift, fix, fix up, furbish, mend, overhaul, patch, patch up, put in commission, put in order, put in repair, put in shape, ready, recap, refit, refresh, refurbish, repair, retread, revamp, service, set to rights, sew up, tinker