Synonyms to refrigeration

air conditioning, adiabatic absorption, adiabatic demagnetization, adiabatic expansion, aerage, aeration, air cooling, airing, blast freezing, chilling, congealment, congelation, cooling, cross-ventilation, cryogenics, deep freezing, dehydrofreezing, electric refrigeration, food freezing, freezing, gas refrigeration, glaciation, glacification, infrigidation, mechanical refrigeration, oxygenation, oxygenization, perflation, quick freezing, reduction of temperature, refreezing, refreshment, regelation, sharp freezing, super-cooling, ventilation, Newtonian physics, absolute zero, acoustics, aerophysics, algidity, applied physics, astrophysics, basic conductor physics, biophysics, bitterness, bleakness, briskness, chemical physics, chill, chilliness, cold, coldness, cool, coolness, coolth, crispness, cryology, crystallography, cytophysics, decrease in temperature, elect