Synonyms to red-tufted

auburn, Titian, adust, bay, bay-colored, bayard, brazen, bronze, bronze-colored, bronzed, brownish-red, carroty, castaneous, chestnut, chestnut-brown, copper, copper-colored, coppery, cupreous, erythristic, ferruginous, foxy, henna, liver-brown, liver-colored, livid-brown, mahogany, red-crested, red-haired, red-polled, reddish-brown, roan, rubiginous, rufous, russet, russety, rust, rust-colored, rusty, sunburned, terra-cotta, xanthous, Joe Miller, banality, bromide, buckskin, calico pony, cliche, commonplace, commonplace expression, corn, dapple-gray, dun, familiar tune, gray, grizzle, hackneyed saying, joke with whiskers, lieu commun, locus communis, old joke, old saw, old song, old story, old turkey, old wheeze, paint, painted pony, piebald, pinto, platitude, prosaicism, prosaism, prose, red-po