Synonyms to recast

revolutionize, alter, arise, change, coin, create, discover, innovate, insurge, insurrect, introduce, introduce new blood, invent, make innovations, metamorphose, modify, mount the barricades, mutineer, mutiny, neologize, originate, overthrow, overturn, pioneer, rebel, refashion, reform, reluct, reluctate, remodel, revamp, revise, revolt, revolute, revolution, riot, rise, rise up, run riot, strike, subvert, transfigure, transform, transmogrify, upset, reword, battologize, fill, give an encore, go over, go through, iterate, pad, paraphrase, practice, reaffirm, reassert, recapitulate, recite, recount, rehash, rehearse, reissue, reiterate, rephrase, reprint, restate, resume, retail, retell, review, rewrite, run over, say over, say over again, sum up, summarize, tautologize