Synonyms to really into

go go, abandoned, active, acute, aggressive, animated, brisk, dynamic, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, forceful, forcible, full of pep, groovy, hearty, hep, hip, immoderate, impetuous, incisive, incontinent, indulgent, intemperate, intense, into, irrepressible, keen, kinetic, lax, licentious, lively, living, loose, lusty, mettlesome, nonrestrictive, on the beam, out of control, out of hand, peppy, permissive, rampant, reinless, riotous, robust, smacking, snappy, spanking, spirited, strenuous, strong, take-charge, take-over, trenchant, unbridled, unchecked, uncoerced, uncompelled, uncurbed, unforced, ungoverned, uninhibited, unmastered, unmeasured, unmuzzled, unreined, unrepressed, unreserved, unrestrained, unrestrictive, unruly, unsubdued, unsuppressed, vibrant, vigorous, vivacious, vivid, wanton, wild, with it, zestful, zesty, zippy, OK, ace-high, bad, bang-up, bonzer, boss, bully, but good, cool, corking, crackerjack, dandy, delicious, divine, ducky, fab, fine and dandy, gear, glorious, go-go, goody, great, heavy, hot, hunky-dory, jam-up, just dandy, marvy, mean, neat, nifty,