Synonyms to ready at hand

at hand, about, about to be, accessible, adaptable, all-around, along toward, already in sight, approaching, around, at close quarters, attendant, available, brewing, close, close about, close at hand, close by, coming, convenient, convenient to, easily reached, fast by, forthcoming, future, gathering, going to happen, handy, hard, hard by, hereabout, hereabouts, immanent, immediate, imminent, impendent, impending, in danger imminent, in prospect, in reserve, in spitting distance, in store, in the cards, in the offing, in the wind, in view, indwelling, inherent, instant, looming, lowering, lurking, menacing, near, near at hand, nearabout, nearabouts, nearby, nearing, nigh, nigh about, not far, of all work, on board, on call, on deck, on hand, on tap, on the horizon, only a step, overhanging, preparing, present, propinquant, propinquous, ready, that will be, thereabout, thereabouts, threatening, to come, to hand, upcoming, versatile, waiting, within call, within earshot, within hearing, within reach, within sight, adjacent, advantageous, advisable, all-aro