Synonyms to reach orgasm

ejaculate, achieve satisfaction, blat, blow out, blurt, blurt out, bolt, burst out, cast forth, climax, come, cry, debouch, decant, discharge, disembogue, disgorge, eruct, erupt, exclaim, exhaust, expel, extravasate, get off, jet, outpour, pour, pour forth, pour out, send forth, send out, spew, spout, spurt, squirt, throw out, yell, acme, acme of perfection, act of love, adultery, all, apex, aphrodisia, apogee, apoplexy, ass, balling, bench mark, bitter end, breakup, brow, button up, cap, capstone, cardinal point, carnal knowledge, carry to completion, cataclysm, catastrophe, ceiling, chief thing, clean up, close out, close up, cloud nine, cohabitation, coition, coitus, coitus interruptus, commerce, complete, completion, conclude, conclusion, congress, connection, consummate, consummation, content, convulsion, copestone, copula, copulation, core, cornerstone, coupling, crest, crisis, critical point, crossroads, crown, crux, culmen, culminate, culmination, denouement, diastrophism, diddling, disaster, edge, end, end result, essence, essential, essential matt