Synonyms to radiotherapy

fluoroscopy, X-ray photometry, X-ray spectrometry, atom-tagging, curiescopy, orthodiagraphy, photofluorography, radiation physics, radiobiology, radiochemistry, radiography, radiological physics, radiology, radiometallography, radiometry, radiopathology, radioscopy, radiotechnology, roentgenography, roentgenology, roentgenoscopy, spectroradiometry, tracer investigation, irradiation, X-ray dosimetry, X-ray therapy, anhydration, arc lighting, black and white, blast-freezing, bottling, brining, canning, chiaroscuro, cobalt therapy, contrast, corning, curietherapy, curing, decorative lighting, dehydration, desiccation, direct lighting, dry-curing, drying, electric lighting, emanation, embalming, enlightenment, evaporation, festoon lighting, floodlighting, fluorescent lighting, freeze-drying, freezing, fuming, gaslighting, glow lighting, highlight, highlights, illumination, incandescent lighting, indirect lighting, interstitial irradiation therapy, irradiance, irradiancy, irradiation therapy, isotope therapy, jerking, light, light and shade, light source, lighting, luminou