Synonyms to quiescently

peacefully, calmly, comfortably, commodiously, conveniently, cozily, easily, luxuriously, placidly, quietly, reposefully, restfully, roomily, smoothly, snugly, still, stilly, tranquilly, unperturbedly, voluptuously, with ease, composedly, coolly, dispassionately, impassively, imperturbably, inexcitably, inirritably, levelheadedly, serenely, steadily, stodgily, stoically, stolidly, stuffily, aesthetically, artistically, becomingly, decently, decorously, demurely, elegantly, genteelly, gently, gracefully, humbly, in good taste, in silence, inaudibly, like a lamb, meekly, mildly, modestly, noiselessly, pacifically, peaceably, properly, sedately, seemly, silently, simply, softly, soundlessly, tamely, tastefully, unassumingly, unobtrusively, unost