Synonyms to quantification

accounting, account, account rendered, accountancy, acta, analysis, annual, audit, auditing, automatic electronic navigation, bookkeeping, braking, brief, bulletin, census, census report, computation, coordination, cost accounting, cost system, cost-accounting system, counting, dactylonomy, double-entry bookkeeping, election returns, enumeration, fact distribution, foliation, forecasts, inspection, inventorying, manipulation, measurement, minutes, monetary arithmetic, nonlinear calibrations, numbering, numeration, output measurement, pagination, proceedings, processing, quantization, record keeping, report, returns, single-entry bookkeeping, statement, steering, supersonic flow detection, tally, tallying, telling, the record, transactions, yearbook, appraisal, analyzing, appraisement, appraising, appreciation, apprizal, approximation, assessing, assessment, assize, assizement, calculation, categorization, classification, correction, determination, dual pricing, estimate, estimation, evaluating, evaluation, evaluative criticism, factoring, gauging, grouping, iden