Synonyms to quality control

look through, beat the bushes, burrow, delve, dig, examination, explore, forage, frisk, go through, hunt, inspection, look around, look round, nose around, overhaul, overhauling, perlustration, perusal, poke, poke around, pry, research, review, root, run-through, scan, scrutiny, search, search through, smell around, study, survey, visitation, adjust, adjustment, amends, audit, autopsy, balance, balance the books, canvass, catch up with, check, check out, check over, check up on, cobble, come up to, come up with, commission, compensation, condition, correction, darn, demonstrate, do up, doctor, double-check, examine, fix, fix up, fixing, gain on, gain upon, get ahead of, give an examination, go over, inspect, inspect the books, inventory, lap, leave behind, leave standing, look at, look over, making right, mend, mending, monitor, observe, outdistance, outpace, outrun, outsail, outstrip, overlook, overtake, pass, pass over, pass under review, patch, patch up, peer at, peruse, pore over, postmortem, prove, put in commission, put