Synonyms to quadruplicate

chip off the old block, ally, alter ego, analogon, analogue, associate, brother, child, clone, close copy, close match, cognate, companion, complement, congenator, congener, coordinate, correlate, correlative, correspondent, counterpart, daughter, descendant, ditto, double, dupe, duplicate, duplication, equivalent, facsimile, fellow, foster child, grandchild, granddaughter, grandson, heiress, image, kindred spirit, like, likeness, mate, model, near duplicate, obverse, offspring, parallel, pendant, picture, reciprocal, repetition, replica, replication, representation, reproduction, scion, second self, similitude, simulacrum, sister, son, son and heir, sonny, soul mate, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepson, such, suchlike, tally, the like of, the likes of, triplicate, twin, Photostat, Xerox, copy, hectograph, manifold, microcopy, microfilm, mimeo, mimeograph, multigraph, reduplicate, replicate, reproduce, stat, trace, transcribe, cop