Synonyms to predestine

destine, aim, aim at, allocate, allot, appoint, appropriate to, aspire after, aspire to, assign, assign to, be after, design, designate, desire, destinate, detail, determine, devote, doom, drive at, earmark, fate, foredoom, foreordain, go for, harbor a design, have every intention, intend, lot, make assignments, mark, mark off, mark out for, mean, ordain, plan, portion off, predetermine, preordain, project, propose, purport, purpose, reserve, resolve, restrict, restrict to, schedule, set, set apart, set aside, set off, tag, think, be predisposed, calculate, forejudge, forethink, go off half-cocked, judge beforehand, jump the gun, plot, preconceive, preconclude, preconsider, predecide, predestinate, preestablish, prejudge, premeditate, preresolve, presume, presuppose, presurmise, scheme, work out beforehand