Synonyms to precisianistic

accurate, OK, absolute, all right, appreciative, attentive, authentic, careful, close, conscientious, correct, critical, dead right, delicate, demanding, dependable, detailed, differential, discriminate, discriminating, discriminative, distinctive, distinguishing, exact, exacting, exigent, exquisite, fastidious, faultless, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, flawless, fussy, just, just right, letter-perfect, meticulous, minute, narrow, nice, okay, on the mark, particular, perfect, precise, precisionistic, proper, punctilious, punctual, refined, reliable, religious, right, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, scrutinizing, selective, sensitive, straight, straight-up-and-down, strict, subtle, tactful, unerring, anal, abdominal, accordant, appendical, bourgeois, cardiac, cecal, colic, colonic, compulsive, concordant, conformist, conventional, coronary, corresponding, dinky, duodenal, enteric, formalistic, gastric, harmonious, ileac, in accord, in keeping, in line, in step, intestinal, jejunal, kosher, mesogastric, neat, orthodox, pedantic, plastic, pyloric, rectal, shipshape, sleek, slick, smart