Synonyms to praepostor

auditor, Big Brother, CA, CPA, accepter, accountant, accountant general, acquirer, actuary, addressee, audience, audient, autodidact, bank accountant, bank examiner, beholder, boatswain, bookkeeper, boss, bursar, calculator, cashier, cashkeeper, certified public accountant, chamberlain, chartered accountant, chief, clerk, comptroller, consignee, controller, cost accountant, cost keeper, curator, depositary, depository, eavesdropper, educatee, financial officer, floor manager, floorman, floorwalker, foreman, gaffer, ganger, getter, head, headman, hearer, hearkener, holder, inquirer, inspector, journalizer, learner, liquidator, listener, looker, monitor, noncommissioned officer, obtainer, overhearer, overman, overseer, payee, paymaster, prefect, proctor, procurer, pupil, purse bearer, purser, receiver, recipient, reckoner, recorder, registrar, scholar, self-taught person, sirdar, slave driver, snoop, spectator, steward, straw boss, student, studier, subforeman, super, superintendent, supervisor, surveyor, taker, taskmaster, trainee, treasurer, trustee, viewer, visitor, Paul Pry, Peeping To