Synonyms to postpaid

acquitted, absolved, blotted, canceled, condoned, discharged, disregarded, exculpated, excused, exonerated, expended, forgiven, forgotten, hired, indulged, liquidated, overlooked, paid, paid in full, pardoned, prepaid, receipted, redeemed, remitted, reprieved, salaried, settled, shriven, spared, spent, unavenged, uncondemned, unresented, unrevenged, waged, wiped away, accomplished, achieved, attained, compassed, consummated, dispatched, disposed of, effected, effectuated, executed, fulfilled, implemented, realized, set at rest, wrought, wrought out, ablated, by the board, consumed, depleted, dissipated, eroded, forfeit, forfeited, gone, irretrievable, long-lost, lost, lost to, out the window, shrunken, squandered, used, used up, wasted, worn away, chartered, employed, hireling, lease