Synonyms to pollen

fecundate, cross-fertilize, cross-pollen, cross-pollinate, cross-pollinize, dress, enrich, fatten, fecundify, fertilize, fructify, get with child, get with young, impregnate, inseminate, manure, pollinate, pollinize, prolificate, spermatize, backset, compost, cultivate, culture, cut, delve, dig, fallow, feed, force, harrow, hoe, list, mulch, nourish, plow, prune, rake, spade, thin, thin out, till, till the soil, weed, weed out, work, be fruitful, be productive, bear, bear fruit, beget, bring forth, engender, fruit, furnish, multiply, produce, proliferate, pullulate, reproduce, teem, yield, bathe, beat into, besprin