Synonyms to pledged

affianced, assured, betrothed, bound, bride-to-be, committed, compromised, contracted, engaged, fiance, fiancee, future, guaranteed, intended, obligated, plighted, promised, sworn, underwritten, warranted, affirmed, accepted, accessible, acknowledged, admitted, alleged, allowed, announced, approved, asserted, asseverated, attested, authenticated, averred, avouched, avowed, broadcast, brought to notice, certified, circulated, common knowledge, common property, conceded, confessed, confirmed, countersigned, current, declared, deposed, diffused, disseminated, distributed, endorsed, enunciated, granted, in circulation, in print, made public, manifestoed, notarized, open, predicated, proclaimed, professed, pronounced, propagated, public, published, ratified, received, recognized, reported, sealed, signed, spread, stamped, stated, sworn and affirmed, sworn to, telecast, televised, validated, vouched, vouched for, vowed, accountable, accounted as, ascribable, assignable, assumed, assumptive, attributable,