Synonyms to plantar

clawed, agonized, convulsed, crucified, dentate, digital, digitate, digitated, fanged, fingered, footed, harrowed, hoofed, jawed, lacerated, lancinated, on the rack, pedal, prehensile, racked, raptorial, ripped, savaged, taloned, toed, toothed, tortured, under the harrow, ungulate, wrung, asinine, bovid, bovine, caprid, caprine, cowish, cowlike, deerlike, equestrian, equine, goatish, goatlike, hircine, hoggish, horsy, mulish, ovine, piggish, ruminant, sheepish, sheeplike, swinish, advance, bar, beam, bicycle, bike, boom, bowl, bunt, bus, butt, cant hook, catch a train, chauffeur, choir, claviature, claw bar, console, crank, crow, crowbar, cycle, drive, echo, eighty-eight, entrain, fingerboard, forward, go by rail, great, handspike, impel, iron crow, ivories, jimmy, joyride, keyboard, keys, lever, limb, make a train, manual, marlinespike, motor, motorcycle, move, organ manual, outrigger, peavey, pedals, piano keys, pinch bar, pole, prize, propel, pry, push, ride, ripping bar, roll, row, shove, shunt, solo, spar, sweep, sweep a