Synonyms to planet

asteroid, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, asteroids, aurora particles, blackout, cosmic particles, cosmic ray bombardment, inferior planet, intergalactic matter, major planet, meteor dust impacts, meteors, minor planet, planetoid, radiation, secondary planet, solar system, space bullets, superior planet, terrestrial planet, the bends, wanderer, weightlessness, earth, Gaea, Ge, Tellus, Terra, abri, acres, air, air-raid shelter, alluvion, alluvium, arable land, ashes, atom, atomic particles, billiard table, biosphere, body, bomb shelter, bombproof, bones, bowling green, brute matter, building block, bunker, burrow, cadaver, carcass, carpet, carrion, cave, chemical element, clay, clod, component, concealment, constituent, corpse, corpus delicti, cosmos, couch, cover, covert, coverture, creation, crowbait, crust, cyclone cellar, dead body, dead flat, dead level, dead man, dead person, decedent, deck, den, dirt, dry bones, dry land, dugout, dust, earthbound, earthly, element, elementary particle, elementary unit, embalmed corpse, esplanade, fallout shelter, fill