Synonyms to picking

selection, abstract, acumen, allocation, alternative, alternativity, appointment, assignment, assortment, attribution, batch, categorization, characterization, choice, choosing, co-optation, co-option, collection, culling, decision, denomination, denotation, designation, determination, differentiation, discernment, disclosure, discrimination, draft, drafting, druthers, electing, election, excerpt, excerption, expression, extract, extraction, fingering, first choice, fixing, free choice, free will, gradation, group, grouping, hint, identification, indication, indicativeness, insight, manifestation, meaning, naming, nomination, number, option, ordainment, ordination, passage, pick, picking out, piece, pinning down, placement, pointing, pointing out, pointing to, posting, precision, preference, preoption, quotation, quote, range, ranking, screening, selected passage, selecting, series, set, show, showing, sifting, signification, sorting, sorting out, specification, stipulation, subordination, suggestion, symptomaticness, tabbing, taxonomy, the pick, transferral, triage, variety, volition, will