Synonyms to photo finish

deadlock, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, arrest, bell, blind alley, block, box, brake, bring to, bring up short, cessation, check, checkmate, condition, corner, cul-de-sac, cut short, cutoff, dam, dead end, dead heat, dead set, dead stand, dead stop, dead-end street, dilemma, draw, draw rein, dying down, ebb, ebbing, end, endgame, ending, even break, extremity, fair shake, final whistle, freeze, full stop, grinding halt, gun, halt, hole, impasse, knotted score, lock, lockout, neck-and-neck race, plight, posture, predicament, pull up, put paid to, quandary, sit-down strike, situation, slow down, stalemate, stall, stand, stand-off, standoff, standstill, state, stay, stem, stem the tide, stillstand, stop, stop cold, stop dead, stop short, stoppage, strike, stymie, subsidence, the same, tie, walkout, wane, waning, work stoppage, abbreviate, abysm, abyss, accept, acquire, act on, adduct, adduction, admit, advance, affinity, allowance, allure, allurement, amount to, appeal, approach, argue into, arrange, arrive, arroyo, assume, attendance, attract, attractance, attraction, attractiv