Synonyms to petite

bantam, arch, baby, baby-sized, banty, button, chit, compact, diminutive, duodecimo, featherweight, fingerling, handy, lightweight, little, malapert, mini, miniature, miniaturized, minikin, minimal, minnow, minny, minuscule, monkey, mouse, nubbin, peewee, pert, pocket, pocket-sized, pony, runt, shrimp, slip, small fry, small-scale, snip, snippet, subminiature, tit, toy, twelvemo, vest-pocket, wart, wisp, cramped, Latinate, angustifoliate, angustirostrate, angustisellate, angustiseptal, authoritarian, awkward, barred, beleaguered, beset, besieged, bigot, bigoted, blockaded, bombastic, borne, bound, bounded, boxed in, cabined, caged, circumscribed, clamped, cloistered, close, close-fitting, closed, closed-in, compressed, concentrated, condensed, conditioned, confined, consolidated, constricted, contracted, cooped, copyrighted, cordoned, cordoned off, corralled, cramp, creedbound, cribbed, crowded, cumbrous, deaf, deaf to reason, dinky, disciplined, elephantine, enclosed, exiguous, fanatical, fenced, finite, forced, formal, guinde, half-pint, halting, heavy, hedged, hedged about, hedged in, hemmed, hemmed in, hidebou