Synonyms to perspiration odor

BO, bad breath, bad smell, beaded brow, beads of sweat, body odor, cold sweat, diaphoresis, exudate, exudation, fetidity, fetidness, fetor, foul breath, foul odor, frowst, graveolence, halitosis, honest sweat, lather, malodor, mephitis, miasma, nidor, noxious stench, offensive odor, perspiration, reek, reeking, rotten smell, stench, stench of decay, stink, streams of sweat, sudor, sudoresis, sweat, swelter, water, abhorrence, abomination, agitation, all-overs, allergy, antagonism, antipathy, aversion, chills of fear, cold creeps, cold shivers, creeping flesh, creeps, disgust, disquiet, disquie