Synonyms to perpetuating

preservation, bottling up, care, cold storage, conservancy, conservation, continuation, corking up, cover, creation, custody, dead storage, defense, dispensation, dry storage, eternal re-creation, eternal return, eternalization, eye, guard, guardianship, holding, holding in, immortalization, inhibition, keeping, lee, locking in, maintenance, perpetuation, prehension, preserval, protecting, protection, protective custody, providence, refuge, repression, retaining, retainment, retention, retentiveness, retentivity, safeguard, safeguarding, safekeeping, safety, salvation, saving, security, shade, shadow, shelf-room, shelter, shield, steady-state universe, storage, storage space, stowage, suppression, sustentation, tenacity, upkeep, visitations of providence, ward, warehousing, watchful eye