Synonyms to perfectionism

golden rule, Christian ethics, Stoicism, a priori truth, altruistic ethics, aretaics, axiom, brocard, canon, casuistry, categorical imperative, code, commandment, comparative ethics, convention, deontology, dictate, dictum, egoistic ethics, empiricism, ethical formalism, ethical philosophy, ethology, ethonomics, eudaemonics, evolutionism, form, formula, general principle, guideline, guiding principle, hedonism, imperative, intuitionism, law, maxim, mitzvah, moral, moral philosophy, norm, ordinance, postulate, principium, principle, proposition, regulation, rubric, rule, self-evident truth, settled principle, situation ethics, standard, tenet, theorem, truism, truth, universal truth, utilitarianism, working principle, working rule, particularity, accuracy, aroma, attention to detail, attribute, badge, brand, cachet, cast, censoriousness, character, characteristic, choosiness, circumstantiality, combination, configuration, conscientiousness, correctness, criticality, criticalness, cut, delicacy, detail, differentia, differential, discriminatingness, discrimination, discriminativenes