Synonyms to penitential act

asceticism, Day of Atonement, Encratism, Friday, Lenten fare, Pythagoreanism, Pythagorism, Rechabitism, Shakerism, Spartan fare, Stoicism, Yom Kippur, abstainment, abstemiousness, abstention, abstinence, avoidance, banyan day, celibacy, chastity, cold purgatorial fires, continence, eschewal, fast, fasting, fish day, flagellation, fruitarianism, gymnosophy, hair shirt, lustration, maceration, mortification, nephalism, penance, penitence, penitential exercise, plain living, purgation, purgatory, refraining, refrainment, repentance, sackcloth and ashes, sexual abstinence, simple diet, spare diet, teetotalism, the pledge, total abstinence, vegetarianism, Fast of Av, Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Weeks, Hanukkah, High Holy Days, New Year, Ninth of Av, Passover, Pentecost, Pesach, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Shabuoth, Simhath Torah, Sukkoth, sackcloth and a