Synonyms to peaceably

gently, a la sourdine, cautiously, circumspectly, compliantly, crawlingly, creepingly, deliberately, delicately, dilatorily, dimly, easily, faintly, falteringly, feebly, haltingly, hushedly, idly, in low gear, in march time, in slow motion, in slow tempo, indolently, languidly, languorously, leisurely, like a lamb, limpingly, lingeringly, loiteringly, low, meekly, mildly, moderately, pacifically, pianissimo, piano, pokily, pokingly, quietly, relaxedly, reluctantly, slow, slowly, sluggishly, softly, sordamente, sordo, subduedly, submissively, tamely, tarryingly, tenderly, tentatively, under easy sail, unhurriedly, weakly, with agonizing slowness, with deliberation, happily, agreeably, airily, blessedly, blissfully, blithely, cheerfully, cheerily, delightedly, ecstatically, elatedly, enthusiastically, exultantly, favorably, fortunately, gaily, genially, gladly, gleefully, heartily, hopefully, irrepressibly, jauntily, joyfully, jubilantly, lightly, luckily, merrily, opportunely, optimistically, pleasantly, propitiously, prosperously, providentially, rapturously, rhapsodically, satisfyi