Synonyms to past danger

above water, all clear, all straight, at anchor, clear, free and clear, high and dry, in harbor, in safety, in the clear, on, out of danger, out of debt, solvent, terra firma, under cover, unindebted, unowing, Saharan, aground, anchored, anhydrous, arid, athirst, bone-dry, castaway, caught, chained, desert, droughty, dry, dry as dust, dusty, fast, fastened, fixed, foundered, grounded, held, impacted, inextricable, jammed, juiceless, like parchment, marooned, moored, on the rocks, packed, sandy, sapless, set fast, shipwrecked, stranded, stuck, stuck fast, swamped, tethered, thirsting, thirsty, tied, transfixed, undamped, unwatered, waterless, wedged, wrecked, afoot and lighthearted, angelic, at large, at liberty, blameless, childlike, decipherable, detached, disengaged, dovelike, easygoing, emancipated, fair, faultless, footloose, footloose and fancy-free, free, free and easy, free as air, freeborn, freed, go-as-you-please, g