Synonyms to password

tessera, ID card, badge, calligram, calling card, card, check, checker, checkerboard, checkerwork, chessboard, colors in patches, countermark, countersign, crazy-work, credentials, dog tag, harlequin, identification, identification badge, identification tag, initials, inlay, insert, insertion, inset, letter of introduction, marquetry, monogram, mosaic, open sesame, parquet, parquetry, patchwork, plaid, press card, secret grip, serial number, shibboleth, signature, tartan, tessellation, tesserae, token, variegated pattern, visiting card, watchword, John Hancock, OK, X, accept, accredit, affirm, amen, approve, assure, authenticate, authorize, autograph, avouch, certify, christcross, cipher, confirm, cosign, countersignature, counterstamp, cross, device, endorse, endorsement, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the imprimatur, give thumbs up, guarantee, hand, initial, make a promise, mark, mark of signature