Synonyms to parting cup

aperitif, Mickey, Mickey Finn, antepast, antipasto, appetizer, canape, chaser, cocktail, doch-an-dorrach, drink, eye-opener, foretaste, highball, knockout drops, mixed drink, nightcap, pousse-cafe, punch, smorgasbord, stirrup cup, sundowner, wee doch-an-dorrach, whet, Casanova, Don Juan, act, afterpiece, bit, carver, clay modeler, curtain, curtain call, curtain raiser, divertimento, divertissement, earth artist, epilogue, exode, exodus, expository scene, figurer, figuriste, finale, follower, gem carver, graver, hoke act, hunter, interlude, intermezzo, intermission, introduction, lady-killer, masher, mason, modeler, molder, monumental mason, number, philander, philanderer, prologue, pursuant, pursuer, quester, routine, scene, sculptor, sculptress, sculpturer, seeker, shtick, sketch, skit, song and dance, stand-up comedy act, statuary, stonecutter, striptease, turn, wax modeler, womanizer,