Synonyms to parti-color

bicolored, bicolor, colorful, colory, crazy, daedal, dichromatic, divers-colored, harlequin, kaleidoscopic, many-colored, medley, motley, multicolor, multicolored, multicolorous, parti-colored, polychromatic, polychrome, polychromic, prismal, shot, shot through, spectral, thunder and lightning, trichromatic, trichromic, tricolor, tricolored, two-tone, varicolored, variegated, versicolor, versicolored, blatant, brave, brazen, brazenfaced, bright, bright-hued, brilliant, burning, crude, deep-colored, exotic, extravagant, flagrant, flaring, flashy, flaunting, florid, garish, gaudy, gay, gay-colored, glaring, gorgeous, high-colored, intense, loud, lurid, meretricious, obtrusive, rich, rich-colored, screaming, sensational, shameless, showy, spectacular, splashy, tawdry, t