Synonyms to paper house

freeloader, barnacle, beat, beggar, bloodsucker, bummer, cadger, caller, company, coupon clippers, deadbeat, deadhead, drone, free rider, frequenter, gate-crasher, guest, habitue, hanger-on, idle rich, leech, leisure class, lounge lizard, lumpen proletariat, mendicant, moocher, nonworker, panhandler, paper, parasite, pass holder, rentiers, smell-feast, spiv, sponge, sponger, sucker, the unemployable, the unemployed, uninvited guest, visitant, visitor, well, Bible paper, CD, IOU, India paper, MO, MS, Manila paper, acceptance, acceptance bill, alabaster, analysis, archives, art paper, article, assignment, autograph, bank acceptance, bank check, baryta paper, bill, bill of draft, bill of exchange, blank, blank check, blotting paper, blueprint paper, board, bond paper, brainchild, brick, butcher paper, carbon, carbon paper, cardboard, cartridge paper, causerie, cellophane, certificate, certificate of deposit, certified check, chalk, check, checkbook, cheque, chirograph, cigarette paper, clapboard, cloth paper, commercial paper, complimentary ticket, composition, computer printout, constru