Synonyms to panties

pants, Bermuda shorts, Capri pants, bags, bells, bloomers, blue jeans, breeches, breeks, briefs, britches, buckskins, chivarras, clam diggers, cords, corduroys, culottes, denims, drawers, dungarees, flannels, hot pants, jeans, jodhpurs, knee breeches, knickerbockers, knickers, overalls, pair of trousers, pajamas, pantalets, pantaloons, peg pants, pegtops, plus-fours, rompers, sacks, shintiyan, shorts, slacks, smallclothes, tights, trews, trousers, trunks, tweeds, underpants, undies, whites, petticoat, Balmoral, Skivvies, body stocking, brassiere, bustle, camisole, chemise, combination, corset, crinoline, distaff, female, feminine, foundation garment, gentlewomanlike, girlish, gynecic, gynecoid, gynic, kittenish, ladylike, little-girlish, maidenly, matronal, matronlike, matronly, muliebral, pannier, shift, singlet, slip, smock, tournure, underskirt, undervest, union suit, vest, womanish, womanlike, womanly, undergarments, body clothes, bodywear,