Synonyms to pack off

beat back, brush off, chase, chase away, chase off, cut, dismiss, drive away, drive back, fend off, hold off, keep off, push back, put back, rebuff, refuse, repel, repulse, send away, send off, send packing, snub, spurn, thrust back, turn back, ward off, bow out, abandon, abscond, beat a retreat, bundle, bundle off, depart, disappear, duck out, egress, escape, evacuate, exit, get out, give the air, give the gate, go on furlough, go on leave, go out, hustle out, leave the scene, make an exit, march out, pass out, quit, remove, retire, retreat, run out, show the door, show the gate, slip away, slip off, slip out, sneak out, take leave, turn away, turn off, vacate, vanish, walk out, withdraw, broom, brush, brush aside, cold shoulder, dismissal, drop the subject, forget, forget about it, forget it, lay aside, let it go, let slip, push aside, put aside, refusal, send aw