Synonyms to oxidize

acidify, acetify, acidulate, alkalify, alkalize, borate, carbonate, catalyze, chemical, chlorinate, electrolyze, ferment, homopolymerize, hydrate, hydrogenate, hydroxylate, isomerize, nitrate, pepsinate, peroxidize, phosphatize, polymerize, reduce, sour, sulfate, sulfatize, sulfonate, turn sour, work, cauterize, blaze, blister, brand, burn, burn in, burn off, cast, char, coal, crack, cupel, flame, found, oxidate, parch, pyrolyze, scorch, sear, singe, solder, swinge, torrefy, vesicate, vulcanize, weld, Earth insertion, LEM, LM, abrade, abrasion, adolescent stream, afflict, agonize, ail, air-dry, altitude peak, anhydrate, apogee, arroyo, assault, attack, attitude-control rocket, automatic control, bake, ballistic capsule, bank, barbarize, bark, batter, be bright, be in heat, be livid, be pissed, be warm, beacon